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Course open for play with 1, 3 & 5 on winter green. we hope to get them back on to main green by 11 am. Buggies will be permitted once all frost has lifted. 12th hole is open and new bunker area is under G.U.R. Please use the drop zones (updated 24 Febru
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Broadstone Golf Club Hole 9Broadstone Golf Club Hole 9Broadstone Golf Club Hole 9
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Professional Tip

Longer hitters can make it home in two on this hole. You need to draw the tee shot to avoid running out of fairway. This leaves a relatively straight shot to the green.

The more conservative will play the line of the fairway which will leave you pitching to the green.


Pars & Yardages

White Tees 510 5
Yellow (winter) Tees 491 5
Red (ladies) Tees 449 5