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Course is fully open for play. Buggies are not permitted due to recent rainfall causing unsafe ground conditions. (updated 23 November at 06:49)

Business Plan update

Dear Member(s),

As promised the Committee have been working hard reviewing the Business Plan which in broad terms remains unchanged other than re-prioritising a couple of issues within the clubhouse. Most of our efforts have been focussed on ‘off season works’ from November 2013 – March 2014.

The General Manager and Head Greenkeeper were tasked with coming up with a deliverable plan taking cognisance of the following parameters –

  • Keep improvements in line with our financial model
  • Ensure members would get additional value at no extra cost
  • Ensure those projects suggested were already part of the business plan
  • Ensure what was proposed was deliverable and would not be held up by time limitations such as planning permissions and negotiations with Natural England
  • Take into consideration projects that would cause the least disruption to members
  • Take into consideration best advice from other stakeholders and those experts that advise us and partners we have to work with
  • Ensure work was achievable alongside normal off season works

You may remember at the Annual General Meeting (last March) I talked about the Committee possibly coming up with some options that could be put forward as proposals. However having set these parameters it became clear to the Committee that the work plan suggested would be the right way to go. So it is proposed that an Open Forum on either September 27th or October 4th would give us the opportunity to present to those attending the suggested way forward. We will invite Frank Pont to attend so that members will have the opportunity to get expert opinion first hand. We will have decided a draft budget at this stage so members will have this information along with the following proposal.

Suggested work plan

  • To create a short game practice area at the bottom of the practice range which will give us a properly constructed green and bunkers to play to and the ability to hit shots at the target from anywhere between 30-100yards
  • Enhance the chipping green and surrounding area near clubhouse and move the practice nets to a new site over by the 1st tee
  • Construct new 5th tee as previously agreed to compliment work already undertaken.
  • Develop the 6th tee area to raise the level of the ladies tee, slightly lower the level and enlarge the current men’s tee and remove the Leylandii trees
  • To develop the bunkering around the 11th green to restore back to the original Colt ethos ensuring continuity with the rest of the par 3 holes

There is further work we need to do in the meantime to narrow down costs and agree a final design with the architect, all be available on the night for discussion and comment.

This work is achievable and should not interfere with other off season works that take place every year. There has been some comment that we ‘bit off more than we could chew’ last year and I just wanted the opportunity to put this into context. Last year we did not start the work until after Christmas and then had the worst winter for many years but despite this the staff delivered the changes and have also presented a golf course to be proud of this year, despite growing conditions still being a month behind! We also have an additional member of staff this year and we propose to do the work in house (with the exception of design) as we have attained the technique and skills needed from the experience gained last year. We will also start the work early in November in the hope that it gives us a shot at better weather! For those not able to attend the forum we will ensure the presentation and proposals are circulated so that you have the opportunity to be appraised and ask the General Manager any relevant questions you have.

It is really important that we continue with the momentum of improving our course and general facilities and the proposals support this. It will not involve any extra unplanned additional costs to members and it will ensure (barring the weather) we are able to play golf with the least disruption during the winter months and look forward to the changes for next year.

I hope this gives you some idea of the planned work and our thinking behind it bearing in mind the parameters set. There is no more definitive information at this stage but if you have a general enquiry please speak to David Morgan.

Chris Dennis Chairman (on behalf of the Committee)


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