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Course is fully open for play. Buggies are not permitted due to recent rainfall causing unsafe ground conditions. (updated 23 November at 06:49)

At our first committee meeting in March 2011 we set out a strategic direction that as a committee  we felt was the right thing to do, namely –

  • Plan A - To finally put to bed the issue of whether it was possible to build a clubhouse  elsewhere on our property to give us a two tee start and a better location for other facilities to enhance member’s enjoyment.

The history behind this is that many years ago when the present clubhouse was built the planners  refused permission to sight it elsewhere. Some members believe that it is in the wrong place, as  does the committee and therefore we thought we ought to explore the case for moving and  whether it was feasible. If it cannot be done, then it will be done and dusted, but at least we will  know!

  • Plan B – If Plan A is not possible then can we make better use of our current facilities? We  will look at opening up downstairs to re-locate the offices to the committee room area and  opening up the entrance and pro shop to create a more functional working area. We can  look at creating a 19 th spike bar leading to an outside area and possibly turning the current  offices into a visitors changing room.
  • Plan C – This was to carry on as we currently are by improving certain parts of the clubhouse  but bearing in mind Plan B so that we do not do any major work that would be lost in any  future refurbishment. David Morgan and Fred Wyatt will be drawing up a plan of action so  that any alterations we make are not wasted.

Where are we currently?

Plan A – There has been an initial exploratory meeting with a national developer who is currently  drawing up some options which will be discussed at a special committee meeting sometime in July.  Once we have some more detail we will share this with the membership at an Open Forum being  planned for 8th September 2011. Please note this is purely EXPLORATORY at this stage and nothing  further will be done without the consent of the membership.

Plan B - This is not set in stone but we would be looking to make best use of what we currently have  and I set out the above to give you some ideas which you may wish to add to so that we can  consider them.

Plan C - Our main priorities are the men’s changing rooms and the windows upstairs which currently  allow us to heat the first tee in winter! The reduction in heating bills will pay for the windows in a  few years. We will also be looking to re-decorate some areas such as the downstairs entrances and  corridors.

New Management structure – new business/financial model

The membership voted in a new structure which saw us reduce the numbers of committees to two,  namely The Committee (Finance and Strategic Direction) and The Handicap and Competitions  Committee (all things golfing).  This coupled with the new appointment of a General Manager means  that all day to day decisions are made by David Morgan including the way the course is developed  and maintained. Currently the new structure is working well and as David settles into his role we are  getting more relaxed and less hands on, which is a challenge for some of us. But I think you will  agree that we are all seeing consistency and a better presented course in better condition.

David Holmes (Finance Officer/Treasurer) set out his new financial model in March and together  with David Morgan they have re-visited the budget to allow us to spend a little more on the course  upkeep which I think you will agree has seen significant improvements. They have also re-structured some staff positions to give greater flexibility and better value for money to give members a better  service.

Currently despite these changes we are well on track to exceed our target of delivering a £30k  surplus at the end of the year.

VAT Appeal – any progress?

This VAT refund only covers green fee income and so there will be no refund to individual members  as it is not connected to member’s subscription fees, sorry! We still have no news as to whether  HMRC are appealing and if they do it will obviously rumble on for some-time. So, we have decided  to carry on as usual with our current plan and direction and if it does go our way then we will take  some-time to decide how we progress and what we do with the money. I am sure many of you will  have your own ideas, so again maybe we can discuss it further at the Open Forum.

I hope that this gives you a quick snap-shot of where we currently are and where we might be going  but please be assured any major decisions will only be made after further consultation with you the  members. Many thanks for reading the above.

Chris Dennis - Chairman


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