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Course is fully open for play. Buggies are not permitted due to recent rainfall causing unsafe ground conditions. (updated 24 November at 06:55)

Preventing Course Damage - 8th January 2013

Given the amount of rain we have had already this winter and all things considered, the golf course has thankfully stood up remarkably well so far. With daily moving and monitoring of the rope fencing, trolley damage and footwear has been kept to a minimum.

As we head into the summer it would be great if all our walk off's around the greens and surrounding areas could be in tip-top shape. This would set the season off with the golf course looking hopefully at its best right from the start, but we need the members assistance to help us achieve this

From now until spring is when the greatest amount of traffic damage can occur. With no growth and areas that have had constant traffic on them all winter it is even more important for us all to spread the wear evenly. If everyone can pay attention to areas that are hooped or roped off and avoid trying to traffic through these areas, particularly around the greens, it would help greatly.

If you could all be extra cautious with your trolleys, particularly around the greens and try to keep them well away from the putting surfaces, divert around any wet or worn areas on fairways etc it would be very much appreciated. It is also very good to see a number of people using carry bags instead of trolleys. I know that it’s difficult for some to carry a golf bag through health, but if anyone who is able to could consider using one it really does help.

One other request I need your help with - Can you all please make sure you repair your pitchmarks!! It's essential that if we want to have top quality putting surfaces that golfers repair their pitchmarks.

If we can all work together and hopefully with things finally starting to dry out then we can all look forward to the golf course looking great very soon!

Many Thanks for your continued co-operation

Martin Coward

Head Greenkeeper 


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