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Course is fully open for play. Buggies are not permitted due to recent rainfall causing unsafe ground conditions. (updated 24 November at 06:55)
Broadstone Golf Club
Broadstone Golf Club

Tea 2 Green - Edition 11

Welcome to the 11th edition of T2G. We are now well into the golfing season and the course is starting to take on a bit more shape. I was watching the finish of the US Open on Sunday night (or should I say Monday morning) and noticed how the Pro's were struggling to get the ball out of the rough. I can assure you, we are not looking to emulate the course set up that USGA had at the Olympic Club! Wow was that tough. At Broadstone we are looking to reduce some of the heavy rough around the course, it’s just that it’s been so wet of late that the green staff have struggled to get in to these areas to cut them. Having said this I have received a lot of positive comments on the definition and presentation of the course so we will not sacrifice this by removing all the rough completely.



Chairman’s Corner

Dear Member(s),

As is my regular want, this is my opportunity just to keep everybody in the loop as to what the Committee and General Manager are up to.

In my last update I intimated that we were revisiting the Business Plan so that we can prepare a more detailed vision for the long term strategy going forward. This work is now moving on at a fair pace -

David Morgan has initiated a further audit of what might be nice to do around the Club in the clubhouse as well as what is essential!

Martin Coward (Head Greenkeeper) is likewise looking at our winter programme (short term) and looking at our future machinery needs, again essential and nice to have. 

On the course side of things you will I hope have noticed the general lifting of standards around the course and on the greens. This does come at a cost so again we are looking at our future labour costs and our greens budget so we can maintain and dare I say improve.

David has also been looking at how we might develop the course over the next few years with Frank Pont a renowned Architect who has a penchant for rejuvenating 'Harry Colt courses'. He has come up with some draft ideas based on the old layout and designs together with some approximated costs which we will look at in detail. 

The Committee plan to meet on the 11th July 2012 in order to prioritise this work so we can produce a re-drafted Business Plan for member’s views and consultation.

I am sure some members will ask why all of a sudden are we doing this work and how much will it all cost? Please be assured that we are not looking to deliver all this work immediately. However we do need to plan proactively for the future hence identifying all of the above. We are also in a better position now with the staff and expertise to ensure all this happens when we say it will, with the revenue and acumen to ensure Broadstone Golf Club is the number one venue in Dorset.

Together with the General Manager I met recently with the Directors of the Limited Company (Graham King, Guy Spencer, Hugh Bell and Don Gollins) and the Trustees of the Golf Club (Joe Beck, Harry Smith, Phil Jacobs and Brian Bainton) in order to keep them apprised of our current financial position which is as planned. It was also an opportunity to keep them updated with the business of the club. They have a distinct role which is to ensure that the Committee is acting appropriately in the interests of the club and were happy with the progress being made.


We are planning to have an Open Forum in September to brief (all) members on our future plans so that you all have an opportunity to comment before we produce a final plan for consideration and approval at the 2013 AGM.

Chris Dennis



Irrigation System Update -

I’m pleased to report that we are now fully operational with our new irrigation system and all “snagging” works have now been completed. Martin and his team have received the training that they need to operate the system and we were utilising the system fully a couple of weeks ago - prior to this recent spell of wet weather!


I mentioned way back in one of my first T2G's that it was my wish to review all areas of the Clubs services. Well after just over a year and a half I'm getting closer to achieving this and it has resulted in some significant changes in the Club's core service areas.


Val and Tracy in the Club office are working harder than ever to ensure that the members golfing needs from an administration perspective are met and any questions that they should have over membership etc are answered. They also do a great job of making sure that visitors that contact the Club are dealt with in an extremely professional manner and that all the day to day administrative duties are also kept up with, there is never a dull moment or a slow day in the office!

Professional Shop

Our new Head Professional is settling in well and with his team of Adey, Andy, Luke and Ryan he has a great bunch of lads to ensure the golfer's needs are met.

I was fortunate enough to play with Neil recently in an event and was very impressed with his golf, he managed to shoot 68 around Brokenhurst on his first time on the course!


Pro Shop News

Dear Members,

They say time flies but it only seems like yesterday that we were opening boxes in a mad rush to get the shop ready for May 1st, now 6 weeks on and I’m feeling like part of the furniture already.  Once again I’d like to thank you all on behalf of myself and my staff in making us feel so welcome and for your support.

On a personal front we have now settled in to our rented house in Parkstone and as you’d expect with my wife (Debs) away during the week Andy and I are slowly ticking off every restaurant, Indian, bar and takeaway in Dorset.  I’m sure the house does come fitted with a cooker,  we must make an effort to find it!

Most of you now will have met Andy, my assistant, who has settled in well and has just finished his 2 day induction at the PGA headquarters.  He now turns professional and starts his 3 year training course to become fully qualified which I am sure he will be a success.  It’s a happy and sad time for Andy as I think it may have finally dawned on him that he isn’t going to get spotted by Barcelona FC and won’t be playing in their first team any time soon.

Adey has also hit the ground running with us and is proving an invaluable member of the team.  He is very busy teaching and his first junior academy coaching session attracted 20 youngsters and we are expecting more as the season goes on. We’ve also got Luke and Ryan on board to complete what is a very strong Pro Shop team.

Unfortunately my own golf has had to take a back seat at the moment but I can safely say I have never enjoyed pro/capt challenge matches as much as I am at Broadstone.  Our opponents have proved to be great company and strong adversaries though we have only been beaten once so far!  The Captain is great fun to play with and what this man doesn’t know about Indian Restaurants in Poole isn’t worth knowing.

My early days at Broadstone Golf Club couldn’t have gone better.  I feel honoured to be the Head Professional at such a great club and fabulous golf course and am looking forward to many happy years to come.  Please feel free at any time to come and see us in the shop for any advice, information or just a chat, we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thought I’d leave you with a golfing joke:

A golfer goes to his local church for his confessional with the priest.

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned.  Last Saturday I swore on the golf course”.

“Why did you swear” asks the priest

“Well it was on the 12th hole when I hit the best drive I’ve hit all year straight down the middle of the fairway and a squirrel came from nowhere and ran off with my ball”

“Is that when you swore?” asked the priest.

“No” replied the golfer. “As the squirrel ran off with the ball an eagle swooped down and grabbed the squirrel”

“Is that when you swore?” enquired the priest.

“No” said the golfer “The squirrel was so shocked it dropped the ball straight towards the lake”

“So THAT was when you swore” asked the priest a little exasperated.

“No” said the golfer “Just as the ball was about to go in the lake a fish jumped out of the water and headed the ball onto the green 6 inches from the hole”

The priest paused for a second……”You missed the putt didn’t you!”

Happy golfing


Neil & The Pro shop team


Junior Section Update - Adey Harris

Much of our efforts have been directed into rejuvenating the Junior Section at the club. Fortnightly Saturday morning lessons have been set up aimed at Juniors of every age and ability. We had a very good turnout to the first coaching session with 17 juniors taking part. The next session will be on Saturday 16th June and we are expecting an even larger group of youngsters to participate.

The season has begun for the Junior Team, our first game was in the Dorset Knockout against Crane Valley. It was a two leg tie with the result of the first leg being 4.5 – 1.5 to Crane Valley. This left us a little work to do over the home leg but the team came through triumphantly to win the second game 5-1 and take the tie 6.5 – 5.5. Congratulations guys, what a fantastic fight back!!

We are also in the very early stages of setting up an exchange trip for the Juniors to Sweden! We have had contact from a Swedish club who are keen to get this set up. If there are any Juniors interested in being involved in such a trip can you please come in to see us in the shop so that we can get an idea of potential numbers.

I think everyone will agree with me that it is great to have a buzz about the Junior Section again, it is something we are encouraging as much as we can and we will soon be back to having a thriving group of youngsters at the club.

Adey Harris


Top 100 Ranking

We are scheduled to receive a visit from Golf Monthly to ascertain if we should be included in their “Top 100 golf courses in the UK”. This is one of the few lists that don’t presently rank us in their Top 100, we are in their “Next best 100 courses”. The reviewers from Golf Monthly are scheduled to visit us in early July so fingers crossed they have a sunny day and enjoy their visit.


Our Pro-am takes place on Friday 20th July and will be run in conjunction with our corporate partners Poole Audi who will be the events key sponsor. The Pro-am will consist of 30 teams and will be sold on first come basis so if you would like to enter a team then there are still a couple of spaces left, pick up a form from the office. There will also be sponsorship options available for the event including hole sponsorship. For more information feel free to drop into the office for a chat. Entry forms will are available to download from the website. 

Club Competitions

The working group that was set up to look into all aspects of men's competition golf at the Club have now met twice. The discussions that have taken place at the meetings of this group have, I believe, been very encouraging. The discussions have focused mainly on the scheduling and format of events but we have also discussed ways of integrating the membership more fully and the group believe that both fun and competitive golf can help this to be achieved. I will update everyone more fully once the working group and the Handicap and Competition Committee  have completed their review.

SCC News Update

The weather is proving difficult for the golfing season at the moment but as I write this we do, at last, have some sunshine!

 A couple of dates for your diary. 

The Quiz Night on July 6th – there are a few tables left, teams of 8.

The Summer Party, Caribbean Themed on the 4th August.  Book your table now as they are going fast.

We have been honoured to host a number of events recently including a Past Captain’s birthday which was a tremendous success and a very happy birthday Bill.   If you would like to book the Club for a function, please enquire in the office or with Holly or Ian.  We are happy to design menus to suit.

We are running an offer at Cranberries – Two Course Dinner for two including a glass of house wine for £25.  (Book 24 hours in advance to qualify for the offer.)  Open every evening .  01202 675677

Good luck to all the teams in their forthcoming matches and with your personal golfing season


ED & Lisa and the SCC team.



Martin Coward has recently taken over as Head Greenkeeper at the Club along with Paul Staples as his first assistant. I have been working quite closely with Martin and his team lately and have to say that I have been very impressed with how the lads have adapted to the recent change to the Greenstaff structure. There is quite clearly now a much more upbeat nature about the team and they are extremely keen to see the course improve.

The Chairman mentioned in his update that I had been looking into the original course layout and design style with Frank Pont (Golf course architect) with a view to perhaps bringing back some of the original features of the course design. It has been very interesting listening to Frank as he walks around the golf course pointing out some of the original features, for example where bunkers used to be and how wide the fairways used to be. Frank has given us access to a site that has historic aerial photographs of the course and this is extremely interesting, looking at the sheer size and scale of the original course layout. I've attached a picture of the 11th hole to give you an idea of the size and scale of the course in its original state, the bunkers were noticeably bigger. Click here to view image of old 11th hole.

Update from Martin Coward - Head Greenkeeper

It’s all go!

It’s not every morning at 6.00am that our phone rings but when it does it normally means that one of the greenkeepers is ill. Not on this occasion though! It was Alex one of the greenstaff phoning from the hospital maternity ward to say his fiancée had gone into labour (a month early) so would not be in today! Within three hours they were the proud parents of a baby girl so our congratulations to them both.

The only slight problem with this and it may not have gone un-noticed to you all is that with the continuing huge amounts of rain(1ft since beginning of April) we are experiencing a grass growing epidemic and are working flat out to keep up with all the cutting. That said this is the perfect situation for providing excellent grass coverage in areas that by now are normally just starting to dry out and become slightly stressed with all the traffic etc.

Work on the greens is continuing well and to date since the beginning of the spring we have now managed to apply a total of 110 tons of topdressing which is dramatically improving the firmness to the greens, this will provide not only a better putting surface for the summer but also during the winter.

Primo-maxx is also being applied to the greens every two weeks, this helps to provide a smoother and more consistent playing surface. For those that don’t know Primo-Maxx is a chemical that regulates grass growth upwards and diverts the growth downwards into the roots. This has many benefits such as thickening up the base of the sward, reducing the amount of grass clippings, traffic wear & tear and machinery and fuel savings through not having to cut every day.

We have on demo at present a greens iron, a fantastic piece of machinery that is operated by driving across the green and consists of two heavy rollers underneath that  help create a much truer putting surface. When used after cutting the turf iron can add up to 1.5 ft to the green speed.

With so much to write about without filling up the whole newsletter I feel that I may have to save other subjects for another time and conclude by just giving you all a little information on the great team that we now have.

With two new additions to the greenstaff - Mike Holmes an apprentice greenkeeper due to start college at Kingston Maurward College and Simon Purvis, both are doing a great job in helping us with the more time consuming day to day jobs which in turn is allowing the fully qualified lads to concentrate on much more specialised work such as spraying and all the extra work on greens etc.

All of our trained greenkeepers are qualified to at least level 2 NVQ or City and Guilds and amongst us hold qualifications in a multitude of skills such as chainsaw use, brushcutters, spraying, first aid, welding, machinery servicing, irrigation, working at heights to name but a few with Paul and Alex are currently in the middle of working towards NVQ Level 3 in green keeping management.

With a varied amount of outside of work interests ranging from a karate black belt, running, expert in fossils, sea fishing, a DJ at a Bournemouth nightclub and myself in the Coastguard Rescue service - lunch breaks are never dull on conversation!.

I hope this gives you a little more information on the work currently being carried out on the course and the staff employed to maintain it.

 Many thanks

 Martin Coward (Head Greenkeeper)


Captain’s Blog

Dear Friends,

I don’t know about you, but this is the wettest period of weather at the beginning of Spring/ Summer that I have known since I joined Broadstone. I cannot express how frustrating it is for everyone to have events cancelled or to play in the pouring rain! (The weather will feature heavily in this blog!)The Jubilee Texas Scramble was a fine example; I haven’t been as wet on a golf course for a very long time. Well done to the entire field who stayed out and who made the best of it with some great scores and congratulations to Andy Day’s team who won. Is that a first for Andy?

Of winning, I’m delighted to congratulate Alan and Barbara Jones for winning the rain restricted Lawford Trophy. You may also like to know that your Captain is still in the pairs and singles competitions. This is a first, which means my wife sees even less of me! Obviously the rain suits my game!!

Before moving on, I want to record the gratitude of the members to the Ground Staff for their stirling work in repairing the greens on 11 &12 after the recent vandalism. 


The Captain’s Prize Week-end in May was a wonderful weekend of wall to wall sunshine (Seriously!) and I’d like to thank the many members who participated, and for making it such a success. As Captain, it was a privilege to play host and to meet so many members and to share a drink with them after their round. Although for some, I felt like a counsellor and was reminded just what a tough golf course Broadstone can be. Well done to Dave Millward for being the overall winner, and to Dave Southern (Saturday winner) and Andy Guscott (Sunday winner). My overriding memory from the week-end is the comments players made about the wind on the Saturday (It’s the weather again!) Especially for nearest the pin on the eighth with only six players finding the green out of a field of over 130! That must be some sort of record.


I’m delighted to report that all our teams have victories under their belt. Special mention to the Millennium Team for a fine victory at Blackmoor, and to Tim Aston and the Hardy A Team for their recent victory against Dudsbury. I’d also like to mention the friendly matches where Vice Captain Allan Hutchins is leading the teams to some very impressive results. Please read Allan’s match reports which are brilliant, and do contact him if you wish to play in some of the matches - the more the merrier. Well done also to Rob Atherton for a top ten placing in the Broadstone Scratch Open – a great two rounds of golf.


Sadly, I have to report that Neil and I have lost a match to Derek Mantle and Dean Parker. However, they are great fun and extremely competitive. And that’s just Neil! He hates losing!! Neil has been a wonderful addition to the club along with Adrian and Andy. The shop has a real buzz about it and items to buy. I get the impression that this view is echoed by the membership as a whole.


Well done to Holly and her team for helping to make the clubhouse look special for the Queen’s Jubilee. The next social is the Music Quiz Night on Friday 6th July. Believe me, my music knowledge is worse than my general knowledge so do enter a team in full confidence of knowing you won’t come last! Also, we have a Summer Ball with a calypso/ Caribbean theme, complete with steel band on Saturday August 4th. Book early as last year’s event was oversubscribed.


A reminder that the Captain’s Charity Day is on Sunday 16th September and application forms are available from the office or on the notice board. This is a great opportunity for members to invite visitors to play Broadstone and raise some much needed money for a worthy cause, and to have some fun in the process. Please either enter a team, or sponsor a hole.

Lin Hudswell from Julia's House has put together a short news update and newsletter, please click here to view the newsletter, click here to view the Open day poster


Thank you once again for your support and encouragement, especially to Janet Giddings, and my Vice Captain Allan Hutchins. I remain your very proud Captain of Broadstone Golf Club and wear my green jacket with immense pride. Let’s hope that the sun finally breaks through and we have a scorcher in July and August with plenty of sunshine golf.





Ladies' Captain's Update

I am delighted to report that April and May have been busy months for our ladies in matchplay and strokeplay competitions, achieving many County and team successes for Broadstone.

In the English Senior Ladies Championships in April at Tidworth, Carol Cass reached the semi-finals, finishing joint 3rd.

The Dorset Senior Championship on 2nd May was played at Bridport and West Dorset and won by Carol Cass with the best gross score, winning the Holmes Cup.  Cathy MacFarlane-Thompson was 3rd best gross and Jane Groves won the Centenary Bowl with the best net score. 

In the Dorset County Championships played at Came Down 8th & 9th May, Kyra Horlock reached the final – only losing on the 18th hole and also winning the Ivy Carroll Cup for best gross score.

In the Johnstone Cup, Suzanne George had best gross score and in the County Spring Challenge, Carol Cass won best gross, with Jane Groves winning best nett and Barbara Sharpe second best nett.

The Legg  Bowl (a Winter knock out tournament played against clubs from three Counties).  The format of the Legg Bowl is two foursome matchplay matches played over a full round of 18 holes.  The winning team is the one returning the best combined score of both 18 holes. 

2012 - This competition, in the Final against Tidworth Garrison, was won by (Silver) Janice Berry and Janet Giddings and (Bronze) Silvia Kent and Rose Warwick.  Others who got us through previous rounds were Jane Thompson, Carol Cass and Jan Villa.  The trophy plus keepsake is the Trophy Cabinet – do have a look! 

We played the Humphreys Bowl (Scratch Silver team of 3) on 13 May at Canford School and enjoyed a 3 : 0 win to take us smoothly through to the next round.

Our Inter Club Team (7 Silver players) had a further win at home against Parkstone with a 6 : 1 victory.

In the Beales Bronze Trophy (7 Bronze players) our team continued their winning ways!

Boscombe Ladies (Away) 6 : 1 Win

High Post (Home) 7 : 0  Win

Came Down (Home) 5 ½ : 1 ½ Win

Bulbury Woods (Home) 4 ½ : 2 ½ Win.

Only two matches left to play East Zone Group 1.  Terrific record Ladies keep it up. 

The Parkin Cup – County run knock out for a team of 3 Bronze players.  Unfortunately we lost in the lst round at home against Dorset Golf & County Club 2 : 1.

Kate Roberts and Rose Warwick went to Iford Golf Centre to play the Daily

Mail Foursomes 2nd round, but unfortunately on this occasion were not successful.

The Mail on Sunday – Team of  5 – from an initial nationwide entry of 2000 teams, we are now through to the last 64, having won against Dudsbury (away) in the 5th round and play Hockley at home on 17th June in the 6th round.

 In the lst round of the Hezlet Scratch Trophy (for which we are the current Holders) we played at home against Meon Valley and won 3 ½ : 1 ½.  The 2nd round will be played at Parkstone on 11th July

 The Ladies Captain and Professional Challenge took place on 17th May and Neil Rowlands proved a big hit with the ladies.  Playing a 4BBB Stableford Janet and Neil scored 40 points and only three pairs beating our score.

1st place Janice Berry and Suzanne George

2nd place Caz Rosselli and Kate Roberts

3rd place Barbara Sharpe and Lesley Muddiman

From the modest entry fee we charged, Neil provided generous prizes for the winners.

Thank you Neil for taking part and making it a “special” day.


Ladies’ Captain’s Day on 7 June was a “wash out” but only as far as the weather was concerned.  Players and social ladies met for High Tea on a theme of a Buckingham Palace Garden Party (posh frocks to the fore).  A great social occasion and the competition will be rerun on, hopefully, a dry day.

I wish continued success to all our teams – and now let’s have some sunshine!!!


Janet Giddings

Ladies’ Captain


I hope you enjoyed reading this bulletin, please feel free to contact me either by phone, e-mail or better still in person should you wish to discuss anything at all to do with the Club.

David Morgan

General Manager


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